Return Policy

Customers can contact to return products during office hours:

  • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday
    • Contact Channels:
    • Facebook: W Work Thailand
    • Line @: @wwork
    • Phone: 097-119-3140

Details of the Return Policy

  • Product Exchange:
    1. Customers can exchange products within 7 days after receiving the product if the product does not meet the warranty conditions or if the delivery does not match the order.
    2. The product and packaging must be in the original condition without damage or wear.
    3. If the conditions are not met, the company reserves the right to refuse the exchange.
  • Product Returns:
    1. Returns are acceptable if there is damage due to manufacturing errors or shipping damages, provided there is video evidence while unboxing.
    2. Does not cover user errors in ordering the wrong color, model, type, etc.
  • Refunds:
    1. Refunds are issued if the company cannot deliver the product as ordered.
    2. For credit card payments: Refund to the credit card within approximately 15-20 business days, depending on the credit card billing cycle.
    3. For direct bank transfers: Refund to the provided account number within approximately 5-7 business days after receiving complete refund documentation.
    4. No cancellation, refund, or order modification for various scenarios like ordering mistakes, price changes, change of mind, dissatisfaction with product quality, etc.
  • Conditions for Returned Products:
    1. Must include all accessories, be undamaged, and in original condition.
    2. Packaging must be intact.
    3. If not meeting these conditions, the company reserves the right to refuse the return.